Your website tells your story to the world

We will work with you to build a website that promotes your business or event.  The world is going mobile and your website will be designed to present your business in the best light on mobile as well as iPad, PC or tablet.

There are a number of features that can be included in your website, here are just a few: 

Choosing your domain name

This is your website address, your online identity, a unique statement about who you are, something that will go on your business card, company car, t'shirts or other collateral.  

You will form a long term relationship with your domain name so it is important to take some time to think about it.   It is also important in helping your website to be 'found' among the millions of websites hoping to be noticed. Check out your ideas ...

Managing Content (CMS) …’fully supported’ vs ‘you take care of content'

Once your site is up and running, you will have online access to manage and change the content of your site (what is on each page and the images you use). This means you can keep your site up to date when and where you choose.  It is easy to learn and of course updates are free!

However, if you are one of those very busy people who need a bit of a hand to do this, we can take care site updates for you.  Of course this service is not free but it pretty affordable and is an option for consideration.   

Here is an example of the CMS tool which uses WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get").

Registration made easy for your event, conference, or seminar programme.

Registration using real time online credit card processing through a secure payment gateway is one of our specialities. Transactions are fully auditable and you can capture information about your registrants until the cows come home!  And a 24/7 back end reporting portal make managing your event easy.  You will benefit from our expertise one of the world's leading event registration software packages, we know this software inside out!   Arrange a free demo or find out more.

Your own online shop

Extend your reach to customers with your own online shop.   You can accept credit card payment online or offer other payment options if this suits.  Add on an integration with XERO and you can put your feet up at the end of the day ... your accounting is made easy!

Associations, finally a way to manage memberships!

Yes, we can help you build an association website including blogs, newsfeeds, emailed newsletters and invoicing.  

Connecting with your customers

Use your website to build a database of contacts and then keep in touch regularly using your own direct marketing newsletters.  Track the success of your promotions and campaigns and reuse the stand out successes.   

Social Media

Do you need a bit of help with setting up social media?  We can recommend and build a set of social media sites that integrate with your website and extend your marketing reach.

Conference and event app

Yes we can provide an app for your next event or conference.  How cool is that! 

The Nitty Gritty

You are wondering how much does all this cost!  We believe that your website should be an affordable part of your overall marketing and budget.  Simply tell us what you are wanting to achieve and we can provide a free quotation to design and build your website.